Exclusive design and shape and works which forms a philosophy of life

Emelita brand has been inspired by wish to adorn women and girls, to create. After successful pupillage in Europe Emelita name was born in Lithuania. And a long prehistory of this brand for me as for a creator means satisfaction and the pride of every excellent idea which was implemented.
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Each dress is the woman’s expression of singularity. It is thirteenth years already we are sewing elegant, gorgeous, practice and comfortable dresses. For production we choose only the highest quality fabrics. We pay huge attention on details.
Dresses we send by post or courier.

Wedding dresses

Wedding dresses are the exclusive piece which impeccable visualization and execution depends on the attention of every detail. This is scrupulous and creative work.

We are sewing wedding dresses from the year 2004. We adjust all models to individual needs of customers.

Only you need to confirm the order and after 3-6 weeks to have an enjoy of excellent purchase.

Dresses we send by post or courier.

Silk Dresses

Evening dresses have to be comfortable and qualitative. After confirmation of the order you can have pleasure to wear perfectly for Your shapes sewed dress already after several weeks. We are collaborating only with time-tasted partners from East Europe. We ensure that for manufacturing we use only qualitative fabrics.
Dresses we send by post or courier.

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Occasional dresses

The sewing of occasional dresses is the exceptional work because of the given requirements of dresses smartness and elegance. After all, usually in women’s wardrobe are hanging just two or three occasional dresses. So it needs to look for unconventional solutions by sometimes seeking to harmonize inconsistent things, to connect uniqueness and classic. The main dresses we decorate with handmade elements. This is precious and time consuming process.
Dresses we send by post or courier.

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