This year wedding dresses are inspired by unique and practical ideas from other areas of life. Looking for that perfect dress for your big day? The short overview of new trends might help you to make up your mind.


Deep neckline

This year wedding dresses are inspired by an industrial style – deep “V” shape necklines, metallic colors such as copper and steel, and almighty minimalism reigns supreme.


The layers

Last year lace was the fabric of choice for most of the brides, and it looks like this year is not going to be any different. After all, lace creates the feeling of luxury and elegance, which is the look most brides tend to go for.  However, this year lace fabric is used to create many layers, to give a wedding dress more volume.


The lace

Bored with lace? Decorate it with feathers for that extra special and exotic touch. All brides are welcome to try 3D ornaments. Such ornaments are very delicate and are usually handmade, and although it takes lots of time to prepare them, they do look magical.


From classic to the mermaid

Brides can choose whatever style wedding dress they want, but it is worth mentioning that Greek style wedding dresses are becoming less and less popular, while more elegant, refined designs are among the most popular gowns. Mermaid style wedding dresses are never out of fashion though.


Trousers and Jumpsuits

What about a pair of trousers or a jumpsuit for a non-tradition, self-confident bride? With a pair of stilettos, beautiful bouquet of flowers and even a bridal veil – such outfit will definitely stand out and turn heads.


2 in 1 dresses

2 in 1 dresses are the newest trend and it will become very popular in the near future. Such dresses are practical, because you can sport two different looks for your big days.