The most part of literature about design and style is created for a specialist or for person who wants to become like. Therefore, after exploration in bookstores and libraries naturally occurs a question – what the customer has to do? How to avoid impostors and beautiful promises?

There is a little of professionals, but it is heard about them widely

Until now it was thought that professionalism is as though a legend about which the media is writing and which is shown in the movies. Unfortunately, in the media there is limited number of signs, and for selection of novelties is applied strict control. So, the priority is applied to actualities, that means a huge influence made by event overview to society. Or for money making advertisers (wording has to live somehow after all). Therefore, the professionalism is shown not how many times it was mentioned in the yellow media, but recommendations and good feedback from the clients.

It is concentrated into your needs     

It would be too small to say, that the professional is paying enormous attention for details. Therefore, from the first meeting he will try to pump all the information from You as much as it will be possible. He will stick to You as the fly to a honey and do not let You to rest by interesting about things which, from the first sight, are not related with designed cloth. After all a good designer understands that clothing (model, fabric, color) must be combined not only to the eyes color and body shape, but and to a soul.


Very often creativity is understood as miracle or at least imitation of it presentation. Better if it would be done in the background of drums and fireworks. Unfortunately, nor one professional will not create an invisible cloak or something relative to it. The cloth must be featured, practical and easy maintained not only exclusive after all. So, creativity is hiding in non-standard solutions.

If the designer is calling You several times about model adjusting, or if he hasn’t got needed fabrics and suggests to use the situation in non-standard solution making – there is a professional standing before You. Keep him.


Till now it was believed that the professional is young, ambitious and talented stylist/designer. However, it is forgotten that for young and ambitious is needed to learn a lot and accrue skills till he will be able to create the value for his clients. Therefore, professionalism must be earned after long working and permanent perfection years in this area.

Certainly, that at the first meeting You won’t be asking questions about where and how long the designer was learning, who with he was working before. However, on the wall hanged diplomas or to hear retold information in mentors lessons it is the first sign, that You are communicating with an expert of his area.

Distinctive style

To try wearing the hat of the professional can almost anyone. There is no registry where the professional are registered after all. Therefore, often a good designer can be recognized not by sounding words from his lips. The representatives clothing of this area also is “working” as a business card. The best fashion news representatives declare, that selecting members into team first of all they evaluate their sense of style. The last one manifests itself by clothing. By the way for clients to evaluate the clothing of designer also is the one of the easiest way to choose wisely.

Terms and sociability

Even the world famous holding himself professional must follow the terms and communicate with his customers. First of all, so that even the super master must to earn for a living. Secondary, every specialist has a wish to create a value to his customers, that he won’t get nowhere else. Just imagine what would be if there occurs a need to change a date of wedding because of the wedding dress which was not sewed on time.

The professional of his area understands that it is forbidden to make corrections in dates and following of terms and responsibility before client is inherent part of provided services.