One of the most beautiful spring festival and one of the most gorgeous evening of life already here. There is plenty of ideas for dresses, however what to choose, how not to be deceived on parent’s wallet and on style question? There are two keywords into the success: pragmatism and individuality. However, about everything from the beginning.

Which dress to choose long or short?

Designers declare that there exists a certain dress code for graduation evening and it must be followed. First of all, it is worth to give priority for not provocative, moderate and youthful style. It is important not the length of the dress, but its effulgent elegance, that is to say to choose golden middle between full black modesty and super sophisticated smartness.

Traditionally for this occasion girls are choosing dress and high-heeled, even if the last ones they are wearing first time in their life. However, if you are hesitating about the length of a dress, designers are recommending to choose it according to topics of the festival. Most likely during the festival time you will dance and rampage a lot, therefore You need comfortable, individually selected model. The dress must be sewed from natural fabric and decorated with accessories fitted for You.

Usually made mistakes

Graduation evening it is occasion to shine. For this day choose new, still wasn’t worn dress. Designers notice that many want to overpower their classmates, girls want to highlight their sexuality.

However, such a mistakes mustn’t to be done. After all it is necessary to celebrate youth.

The second mistake is a wish to step into adult world as an adult. After looking into photo albums designers immediately pointing at graduates, which are looking older than their preceptresses. It is vulgar.

It isn’t less mistake an unduly free style, which reminds a shopping trip with girlfriends and not the most beautiful festival at school. Therefore, all jackets, jeans and all other similar attributes must wait another occasion.

The brand or product of mass production?

It is not necessary to choose dress for graduation evening. After all it is possibly to wear variations of various skirts and shapely blouses, more over to wear wide but elegant pants. It will be easier to decide what kind of cloth to choose if you will consult with a specialist.

If you will choose from the already existing assortment there is a risk to look like a half of the city’s graduates. Meanwhile individually sewed or brand signed cloth will always characterize and it will be possible to wear on other occasions. Moreover brand signed cloth always can be fixed or adjusted and adapted individually.