Cotton plantations are the most abundantly spray with pesticides on the planet. Only three percent of cotton are friendly to environment – natural. All remaining part is genetically modified cotton, which per last two decades increased by a fifth. Therefore today it isn’t worth to look into cloth label trying to evaluate fabrics quality by structure. However as experts say there are ways which will help not to be mistaken by choosing perfect fibers.

Solid color

The fading of color appears by several reasons. First one is that fabric was affected by alcohol. Second – fabric was painted with chemical paint. I is probably the amount of alcohol in the paint was too much.

If you acquired this kind of cloth or fabric behave with it very carefully. Don’t soak it and don’t wash it in the high temperature, spin it carefully and don’t use for softening dedicated or strong high concentration bleaching agents.

Known manufacturer

It might be unwise to chase known brands. However well-known manufacturers afraid to spoil their reputation and so it is they are the main fabric quality guarantee. They will never risk and will never save on fabric prime cost. Therefore you should inquire about by who and where the fabric was made before buying it. More over if you would choose one or more suppliers/manufacturers and as a loyal customer you could use special offers.

Pleasant to the touch

It is pleasant to touch only soft fabric. This feeling usually occurs because of there was avoided to use chemical additive in processing of the fabric. Therefore the quality usually associates with naturalness. Sometimes this factor leads to a little bit higher price.  However it is worth to use natural materials to avoid more frequent cases of allergy and illness.

If on the fabric label is written that it is made from 100 % cotton, wool or silk it doesn’t mean that it is organic or natural. After all on the label isn’t written about the processing and cultivation procedure. So be very attentive.


  • These rules are valid not only for natural, but and for synthetic and semi synthetic fabric. Usually in the processing cotton is mixed with viscose and modal. It is semi natural fiber because of it features is used as a cotton substitute. It is soft but it isn’t strong.
  • Natural fiber is mixed with synthetics to ensure fabrics durability, steadiness and a lower cost. Say that 1 – 1.5 % of spandex helps easier to look after fabric, so these materials are stronger than cotton. However if it is effected by perspiration its loose quality. Therefore that kind of product is prohibited to keep not washed for a long period of time.