Fashion reflects political and historical events. And because our civilization is repeatedly facing the same issues, the fashion cycles also repeat its selves.


Quarterly cycle

The return of the fashion cycle does not necessarily mean that history is repeating itself either, but fashion designers have noticed that fashion trends have a quarterly cycle – fashion trends return every 25 years. Fabrics might be different, shapes might be slightly different, but colours and patterns remain the same. For example, when Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991, clothes with Russian letters were popular on the runaways in Paris. 25 years later, when fear of ISIS and terrorism is present all over the world, designers use fabrics with Arabic writings on them.

If we go back to 1995, we will find out that women were tired of the limited choice they had in the Soviet Union. Therefore, they embraced the world of plenty and were wearing sparkly, glittery fabrics, shorter, more revealing skirts. Just few years later, the same women went back to wearing more elegant and refined clothes, and few more years later they replaced the trend with more comfortable style – denim jeans.


Vintage clothing

A piece of clothing can be called vintage it if is 20 years old or more. Designers have noticed that even after that many years a good quality item of clothing can look as good as new.  That is why the wardrobes of our mothers and grandmothers is a place to look for inspiring outfits.

When my parents were moving out, checking out my mother’s wardrobe was like visiting a boutique. I was beyond happy when I found a decade old long shirt with lace detailing, short summer dress and my grandmother’s handbag. I looked stylish and ready to pose for a magazine cover, but most importantly, I felt as if I had a piece of history with me, and I noticed that my grandmother, my mother and I shared love to the similar style of dresses.


Investment pieces

Little black dress will never go out of fashion and will never lose its value no matter the historical or economic circumstances. There are many great examples when investing in a good quality timeless piece of clothing women not only get the psychological, but also financial reward.

Elegant and classic dresses to women are what cars are to men, the only difference is that cars do lose their value with time. Men tend to invest into a suit or a luxury watch, while women invest into dresses. It’s not a secret that women need more dresses than men need suits, because there are many dressy occasions in life.