Most women are not happy with their looks and struggle to find a perfect dress. But getting dressed gets a lot more easier when you know your body type.

 Pear type figure

 Pear shaped women have wider hips and narrow shoulders. If you are pear shaped, you should choose above the knees dresses with defined and structured lines. A dress with a fitted top and wider skirt will also look flattering on you, as well as V shaped necklines. Try to avoid big and shapeless designs.

 Apple type figure

Apple shaped women have a wide torso. If you have such figure, you should choose high waisted, fitted dresses. You should not wear belts or patterns around the waist area.


If your shoulders are wider than your hips, you have a triangle shaped body type. Often these ladies have beautiful, full chest. If you have such body type, you will look best in a ¾ length sleeves. Don’t be afraid to accentuate your waist by wearing a belt.


This body type is considered to be the most attractive one. If your shoulders and hips are almost identical – you are the lucky woman with hourglass body type. These ladies usually have a a beautiful chest, small waist and hips and look beautiful in almost all types of dresses.


These ladies do not have curves to show off, therefore they should not be afraid to wear layers, wide belts, classical monochrome dresses.