Graduation is one of the most beautiful evenings in everyone’s life, and all girls want to look stunning. With so many dresses to choose from, it takes some knowledge and experience to find ,,the one”.

Long or short?

Fashion designers think that graduation dress code does exit, and it must be followed. The first rule when choosing a graduation dress – avoid overly sexual, raunchy dresses. Instead, opt for the fresh and youthful style. What important is not the length of the dress, but the effortless youthful elegance – the golden middle between the full black sophistication and overly girly style. But if you are hesitating between mini and maxi – professional designers recommend making your choice based on the theme of the graduation party. Most likely, you will dance your evening away and have fun with your friends, therefore you going to need a comfortable dress, made from natural fabrics and with beautiful accessories.

Traditionally, most of the girls choose high heeled stilettos to go with their dresses, even though they have never worn them in their lives.

Dress or …?

It is not necessary to wear a dress. What about a skirt and a beautiful blouse? Trousers or a jumpsuit?

Most common mistakes

Although graduation evening is the time to shine, girls should not try to outshine their classmates or highlight their sexuality. Instead, they should go for more modest and youthful look.

Another very common mistake is desire to step into an adult world looking as a grown up. Girls should not look older than their teachers or mothers.

Graduation is a big celebration; therefore, jeans and casual day dresses should not be worn.


Off the rack or tailor made?

If you choose an off the rack design, you risk meeting another girl looking exactly the same. Meanwhile if you decide to have a tailor made dress specifically for you, you will have a dress that will highlight your shape and personality, and you will be able to wear it for other occasions.