Because of growing number of designers and new brands, changes in manufacture technologies, it is becoming more and more difficult to choose qualitative dress. Fashion industry mastered by the internet rarely helps to defend against myth and already outdated stereotypes as well. Then let’s think how to choose qualitative dress.


Aesthetics has rules

Not often we choose a dress which is the echo of a fashion version in streets. Unfortunately, we risk to make a mistake. Because girls walking in a main street one or other model had chosen not because of it is beautiful or qualitative, but because of somewhere was announced the sale, or the stores where fulfilled with products of new season. Anyway the new doesn’t mean that it is beautiful or more over qualitative. Aesthetics has specific rules such as: symmetry, contrasting colors, clear expressed silhouettes.

If you want to check your sense of style, take a look at work of the most famous designers. You will recognize very quick, that in every model as if you see yourself. It is the most important barometer of quality.


Quality – esthetics, natural fabrics, long life, uniqueness, style, expression of personal fashion.


The place of production and sales

The quality is not only the priority of the best fashion house, however, the place where clothes are kept and sold is very important. Just imagine the salesman which just put fatty bun and started to look for a right size of dress for you in a blue bag. Will you put it on with a pleasure after all? Even if yes, how long it will look like a new? Is it worth to buy a new dress one time per year, or maybe it is better to buy dresses from a blue bag each month? Anyway the quality of a dress is illustrated by sale place.


The ratio of price and quality

Old as the capitalism song about the ratio of quality and price is sang and in the fashion industry. It doesn’t mean that it is needed to buy the most expensive or to chase till pane known to everybody brands. However, it is necessary to watch the quality of fabrics, to compare prices in different sale places, to be interested in manufacturers. Cotton, silk, wool – it is the fabrics which make the price of dress bigger, however the dress made from these fabrics you will wear very long.