There are many ceremonial occasions and there is no reason to buy an evening gown for each of them. That is why it is wort to invest in an elegant and classic design with some fashionable details. This year red carpets sees the return of various shades of black and lace, which is a symbol of femininity.


This year the podium will see fashionistas wearing retro gowns – modern versions of fifties inspired dresses. The main accent of such dresses – full skirt and fitted waist made from stiff fabrics. ¾ rule will be in full force again, bringing back mystery and elegance. Therefore, designers will be offering shorter dresses with long sleeves, or floor length designs with open neckline.


Shiny fabric

The glossy effect of such fabric will turn even the most modest dress into a show stopper. That is why such fabric is a perfect option for an evening gown. However, one must remember, that if a dress is shiny, the accessories and shoes must be delicate, elegant and modest. Otherwise the whole image will be overcrowded and look tacky. Although shiny fabrics are very fashionable, they are not practical. So if you want an a floor length and attention grabbing dress you should choose different fabrics.


If you are looking for a timeless dress which can be worn for many years to come, lace is a way to go. Lace never goes out of fashion, that is why you can recycle your dress and wear it for many different occasions.  Don’t forget to choose a delicate silk lining, which will prevent your dress from looking raunchy.


Fantasy and silhouettes

This year, almost all designer chose to celebrate femininity. The most fashionable dress will fit woman’s body perfectly and accentuate the figure. Dresses can be of any length or color, as long as they accentuate the curves. A pair of classic stiletto pumps and a clutch will go perfectly with such dresses.

Maiden like style is also very popular this year. You will look amazing if you choose a dress, decorated with a gorgeous high collar and ribbons.